concept sketches and design exploration

Freelance design work done for Walnut Street Cafe in Philadelphia. They were working on a rebrand and tasked me with design exploration and concept sketches for 2-3 design directions. This included logo sketches, logo system (typeset, logomark, submarks, patterns), drawing styles/inspiration, type research, color palette, etc. Within a 1 week timeline, I created 3 different versions of visual identities to better fit Walnut Street Cafe's mixed demographic of college students and young professionals, as well as suits the Art Deco interior. 

Concept 1 was inspired by organic geometric shapes that are displayed in many of the paintings around the restaurant. These shapes are youthful and vibrant to represent the college students. The more sophisticated typeface is paired with it to create this juxtaposition between business and casual. (located above)

Concept 2 leaned into the Art Deco design that fills the restaurant's interior. The lines used to make the W logo imitate the light fixtures used in the cafe. The logo is then created into a delicate but exciting pattern by being duplicated and flipped in different ways. (located above)

Concept 3 was a completed different direction that was more type-based. This option would incorporate handwritten typography that would be used on menus, signage, and other elements. It gives the brand a more personal touch. The shapes used in patterning come from the floor tiling and light bulbs. Those circular patterns could be overlayed on napkins, glasses, and more. This concept was overall young and quirky compared to the first two. (located above)