a puerto rican coffee company

Rico Roasters imports traditional coffee from Puerto Rico to the United States to sell in our stores. We are a bilingual company that donates a portion of our profits to the hurricane relief fund in Puerto Rico. Rico Roasters sells espresso beans, coffee grounds, and a set of ready-to-drink coffees. The brand is lively, exciting, cultural, and refined. Below you will see our identity applied to several package design options and a potential web design.

Starting in the sketchbook, I made several iterations of different R monograms that could represent Rico Roasters. I was looking for a way to symbolize the market Rico Roasters was in, which resulted in incorporating coffee steam. This specialized R was then tied into a wordmark to be placed in the badge.

Throughout each package design, the brand elements are reapplied in a different way. This allows the separate products have similarities which keep the identity cohesive. Patterning, scalloped edge labels, logo treatments, and colorful typography are balanced carefully in each design.

Providing the design for a website shows that the brand identity can work across both 3D and 2D environments.