BET Talks

logo and open design

BET Talks is a talk show where stars from shows and movies are interviewed with questions about their roles and experiences while filming. As a designer for BET, I helped design the brand identity for the show. This included logo, storyboarding the open for the show, lower third design, mortise design, and youtube thumbnail design. 

The logo for BET Talks was chosen after many rounds of mood boards and concepts. The version above is the one that was chosen. I created this using a chunkier typeface and lowercase letters to convey the casual conversations that happen during the interviews to learn more about characters and roles. The biggest part the client enjoyed was the quotation marks that are used in the strokes of the "L" and "K" because they symbolize the essence of the show and could be used in motion. 

Above are assets I designed to be a part of the identity for BET Talks. These halftones and large shapes show the brand's fun entertainment side. They are used in the open for the show to create a grid lockup, which is below. I storyboarded the design of the open for the show, while a motion designer put it together. You can also see more of how the logo and identity are used within episodes on the BET website with the link below.